3D Printer Will Change our World

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3D parts can be made for anything

3D parts can be made for anything

This weekend I made an amazing new discovery that will enhance our ability to take care of our selves – the 3D printer. Apparently not new technology but new to us definitely. Let me explain why this machine is so functionally important.

When something breaks so many times it ends up in the trash – why? because the parts are either too hard to get, we are too lazy to get them or they are unavailable.

With this 3D printer you can make anything that will fit on the tray – out of a hard plastic. It is what they refer to as additive printer. Once a template is created (and there are tons of open source ones available) you put it into the computer and hit start … the printer then makes the part out of a hard durable plastic.

This means for us, that we can replicate hard to get parts and really be self-sufficient. An X-Box  scanner is used to copy the data into the computer, so the detail is exact. The size of the needles used control the resolution for precision; this is amazing accessible technology.

The unit is called the “Replicator” and it retails for approximately $1,000.

Practically speaking it could be the best tool we’ll ever have. When we source it we’ll link you to it but for now an expert.

I want to thank John Biehler for taking the time to demo and explain the 3D printer system and scanner so well.

More details are available at his site:

allthings3D.com | Your source for 3D printed parts and objects.


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