Making a Biodigester

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Biodigester = Biogas

Part of our plan for a sustainable lifestyle involves the use of a ‘Biodigester‘ to create ‘biogas‘.

biodigesterA biodigester produces biogas by breaking down organic matter in the absence of oxygen.
It is a renewable energy source, like solar and wind energy.

Biogas is produced by the fermentation of biodegradable materials such as manure, sewage and green waste, basically anything that will rot.

Biogas is mostly methane and carbon dioxide.

The methane produced as biogas from a biodigester is burnable and so it can be used as a fuel for cooking. It can be compressed and stored in the same way as propane.

The information contained in the book; Biodigester installation manual by Lylian Rodriguez and T R Preston is a great resource.



It explains and demonstrates how to construct a simple biodigester system that is designed to provide enough biogas to run a kitchen for a small family.

Raw Material

In this example pigs provide the ‘raw material’, but it can be provided by any animal, including you!

Material to be fermented can also come from rotting fruits and vegetables. Basically if it can compost, it can be used in the biodigester.

This is where waste is made useful.

We plan to involve the waste from dogs, chickens, goats and us.

We will be using a composting toilet system to collect and use our humanure. Composting toilets are becoming more popular and a variety of toilets are now offered. Some of them are very modern systems.

This is a really good DIY manual that will show anyone how to create their own similar system.

On Demand Hot Water

Excel gas water heaterWe also plan to look into Biogas as a fuel for an on demand hot water system.

But that may require more biogas than can be produced with the simple system featured above.

It may require two or more biodigesters, and a friendly farmer in the area to provide the raw materials!

Our research shows the Excel tankless gas hot water system to be an excellent choice, 5 out of 5 stars and excellent feedback from satisfied customers.

So there you have it. A new way of looking at old systems that are tried and true.

A new way to think about how to re-purpose waste and turn it into energy for everyday living.

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