Make Clean Drinking Water using LifeStraw

| January 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

A Portable Water Filter

Cclean drinking water with lifestraw filterlean drinking water is taken for granted in many places around the world. The reality; one billion plus humans are living without potable water.

What would you do if you woke up one day and your access to clean drinking water was gone?

We have 3 portable, microbiological water filters. They are called LifeStraws. We have one for each of us in the family. That means we can access clean drinking water anytime and anywhere. We can even drink dirty water from the streets if we need to.

Great for disaster and emergency situations where clean is scarce, it is the most important tool in our earthquake preparedness kit.

I consider this invention to be one of the most important of our time.

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Off the Grid Water Pump – Simple Pump

| January 2, 2015 | 5 Comments
simple pump

simple pump

I was at a party describing our off grid dream when one of the men piped up and said “I know a product you just have to check out”. Hence our introduction to “the Simple Pump”.

We’ve read every part of the Simple Pump website and are very excited to have been introduced to this pumping system that will work very well for our off the grid clean water requirements.

Key Reasons We Like It:

  • The pump can operate on a single solar panel (most competitors products require more power and therefore more panels)
  • It has a hand pumping option.
  • There are choices of systems and none are overwhelming to understand.

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Edible Everything : Sooke Harbour House – Video

| August 31, 2012 | 7 Comments
Sooke Harbour House

Sooke Harbour House

Located on the west coast of British Columbia, here’s an Inn that pride’s itself on fresh and local food. As far as sustainability and supporting the local food and arts culture goes, Sooke Harbour House showcases how to do it by doing it.

We had the opportunity to talk to Sinclair Phillips, owner of Sooke Harbour House and here he shares the mission of this Inn that features ideas of how to be sustainable from your garden to the table.

The owners have made the gardens accessible and are open to people walking through and exploring the beautiful, edible displays that change seasonally and never stay the same from year to year.






the Humanure Handbook : Worth Reading

| August 18, 2012 | 7 Comments

the Humanure Handbook

This book teaches how to turn human and animal waste into compost safely. Very detailed and informative it’s a book worth reading if you’re interested in the concept of reusing animal and human waste. We will be using this method until we set up our bio-gas system.

Thanks to author Joseph Jenkins for writing this excellent book.

Follow this link to Humanure Handbook.