How to get a Professional Ecuador Visa

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Ecuador Visa Options

When we started to look into relocating to Ecuador we knew we’d need an Ecuador visa. We thought that the best way for us to become residents was to invest $25,000 and purchase land or put it in a bank as a certified deposit or CD. We aren’t retired so the retirement visa doesn’t apply to us. It wasn’t until we arrived that we learned we actually had a better option, like getting a professional Ecuador visa.

Land prices can be much higher than the government assessed value of the property and therefore we would have to spend much more than the $25,000 we were anticipating investing. It’s not that we don’t want to continue our path by purchasing our land and building an off-grid farm, the reality is that if we are patient and become part of the community, we will have more choices and can locate based on knowing the areas of the country where we would like to settle better. We will also pay a better price for the land as we will be speaking the language of the country, Spanish, and have connections with locals who will help us.

ecuador visaWhen we went to the immigration office in Cuenca, Ecuador and inquired about the best Ecuador visa for us, they advised us that the best and easiest way for us to become residents would be by obtaining a professional Ecuador visa, since I am a graduate of a Canadian college and have a diploma.

We went to Senescyt (senesee), the office of higher education of Ecuador, and gave them a color copy of my original diploma (they looked at my actual diploma to confirm its authenticity). We also gave them a copy of my notarized transcripts, which we had given to the notary sealed.

We had to take the extra step of having a “Senescyt” committee review my diploma and my transcripts before they will allow me to have a 9-V visa, (a 45 business day process), but the extra steps are worth the effort in the long run. The diploma has now been accepted it will remain on file for life, which means there is no pressure to gain immediate residency, but I can work immediately. My husband and daughter will become my dependents and we can apply for residency after obtaining the 9-V visa.

Professional Ecuador Visa details

Here are the instructions posted by Lisa, an expat who has just successfully completed the process and is sharing the process information so others (like us) can do the same. We followed her instructions for the professional Ecuador visa process and it worked, so I am passing on the method that she used and the path that we followed …

How to get Residency through a Professional Ecuador Visa (9-V)

A special thanks to Lisa for taking the time to record the process and sharing this invaluable information that can help anyone with post secondary degree or diploma  apply to enter the country on a Professional Ecuador Visa.


Ecuador book

Book Recommendation

Are you considering Ecuador as a destination to live? Here’s a book that has great reviews by Nicholas Crowder, who has lived there for 30+ years and knows the culture very well, from the inside out. 100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in Ecuador will give you insights and answer questions you may not even have known you had!



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  1. Eli says:

    Hi! I notice you said you have a diploma from a Canadian College — as do I! =) Do you have a bachelors, or is it just a regular diploma? I’m not exactly sure what they look for, if I would have to continue my education and get a BA. Thanks!

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