How to Use Garlic Flowers

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garlic flowers signGarlic Flowers

Garlic flowers are a delicious and delicate tasty treat.

Here, garlic specialist Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds, discusses how to cook them, when to harvest them and he explains why the garlic flowering tops need to be removed.

This sustainable practice allows the garlic flowers to be “deadheaded” but not thrown away.

The flavor of the garlic flower is not as strong as the cloves. It is like comparing green onions and onions.

When added to your cooking it gives a beautiful delicate flavor. It is not overwhelming.

We use garlic flowers whenever they are in season. I usually make a garlic flower pesto that I freeze so we can enjoy them longer.

A great addition to any meal take a moment to learn about to cooking with this garlic delicacy in this short video with Dan.

Garlic has many health benefits. It is an extremely beneficial herb.

  • It is packed with antioxidants that benefit your your immune system.
  • It helps to keep colds away and can be taken easily as a tea.
  • It is anti-fungal used in a warm foot bath for athletes foot.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory. Garlic oil helps sooth psoriasis and the redness that comes with it.
  • It is reduces hair loss by massaging garlic oil into the scalp.
  • It helps keep mosquitoes away when used externally as a rub.
  • It is used as a poultice to remove a sliver. A piece of garlic on the sliver covered with duct tape does the trick every time.

So grow garlic. Deadhead the garlic flowers and enjoy them. Remember that by removing those garlic flowers you are sending the earth and sun’s energy to the bulbs, which is where they need to go.

The result will be garlic bulbs that are as big as they can be.

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