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Individuals and communities all over the globe are becoming sustainable. The results are unique, interesting and worth sharing. This is a website that shares how to be sustainable with our most basic needs; water, food, medicine, shelter.

the Sustainable Journey

hands around the earth

sustainability around the world

From the simplest recipes to the ideas that change the way we think. We explore what others on our planet are doing.

How to be Sustainable is a melting pot, a collection, a stir fry of ideas to stimulate your thinking.

What areas interest you? Food and water concerns, alternative energy, building concepts, technological advances and do it yourself projects are all here plus more.

What is sustainability?
How can it be maintained?
How can we, the people change the way our resources are used, distributed and restored?
How can we support those who have great concepts?

green ideasRecycling, recreating, rethinking and new thinking have come together with some amazing results. Old school thinking and new school technology are being melded all around the globe.

Helping our societies continue to grow and thrive is of major interest to many people but where do we start?

Where can you go to find out how to be sustainable?


This is a place to learn. A place to find ideas that speak to you. A place to start becoming sustainable.