We’ve encountered some people and resources in our life that have proven to be very helpful and enlightening and some we’ve had the opportunity to talk to on camera. Here’s list to help you find our resources…

Health Care Professionals

the late Dr Phillip Chambers, Medical Doctor, Chartered Medical Herbalist

Dr Berte Cui Quan Marr, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DrTCM)

Brenda Leung, Naturopath (ND) {contact info for Brenda? please email us so we may add it}

Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink, Naturopath (ND) and registered Mid-Wife

Dr Tahira Jiwani, Naturopath (ND)

Dr Doug Kuramoto, Naturopath (ND)

Dr June Pritchard, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DrTCM) {contact info for June? please email us so we may add it}

Jillie Spooner, UK Certified Aromatherapy – Essentially Yours Wholistic Services – Victoria {contact info for Jillie? please email us so we may add it}

Betty Norton, Master Herbalist

Carol McGrath, Folk Herbalist

H.K. (Pinky) Mattu, UK. Certified Medical Herbalist

Jasbir Mattu, UK. Certified Medical Herbalist

Theresa Thorne, First Nations Herbalist, Vancouver Island {contact info for Theresa? please email us so we may add it}

Dr Michael Chang, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DrTCM) {contact info for Theresa? please email us so we may add it}

Lars Fenske, Acupuncturist and Healer, Awakening Wellness Center

Ryan Sanderson, Kinesiologist, Lifemark   (my pool therapist)

Jay Purdom, Registered Physiotherapist & Clinic Director, Lifemark


Richard White of Hazelwood Herb Farm


Marilyn Walker,  Ethnobotonist, Anthropologist

Jacques Fresco, creator of the Venus Project


Simple Pump - these folks have designed an amazing and simple water/ well solution pumping that we are hoping will be right for our property.

 Micro hydro

the system we are presently looking at is PowerPal and the distributor is down the street in Victoria; Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd









  • Make Clean Drinking Water using LifeStraw
  • Pineapple Tea is a Yummy Liver Cleanser
  • Off the Grid Water Pump – Simple Pump
  • How to Use Garlic Flowers
  • Making a Biodigester
  • Tomato Bocconcini and Basil Salad
  • How To Make An Oil Lamp Out Of An Orange
  • How to Make Toilet Paper – Naturally
  • Jacque Fresco discusses Earth Sustainability
  • Edible Flower and Herb Choices
  • Sustainable T-shirts
  • Building Green Advice
  • How to Make a Lavender Wand and a Headpiece – Video
  • Chicken Anyone?
  • Wattle Fencing
  • Cradle To Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things – Review
  • Home – Is Where We are Together
  • Perfect Off the Grid Property
  • School Daze
  • the Butterflies are Gone
  • Eat Cilantro and Live Forever
  • Herbs and Arthritis
  • Herb Storage
  • Mango Salsa Recipe – Video
  • VW Van Man
  • How to Get Rid of Flies
  • the Beauty Herbs
  • Build Naturally with Cob – Video
  • Lavender Letters
  • Cob Houses – Choices and Sustainability in One – Video
  • Sage as a Preservative
  • The Art of Tea Blending – Video
  • How to Make Ratatouille – Video
  • Oregano for Digestion
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Herbs that Attract Butterflies and Beneficial Bugs – Video
  • Fresh Squash and Carrot Soup Recipe
  • Boat or a House?
  • How to Season and Clean Cast Iron Cookware
  • Potatoes Roasted with Rosemary and Rosemary Pesto Recipe – Video
  • Sustainable Harvesting – Video
  • Edible Everything : Sooke Harbour House – Video
  • Tarragon Jelly Recipe – Video
  • Wonder Wash Hand Crank Washing Machine – Video
  • Life of a Strawberry
  • Outdoor Bathroom
  • the Loveable Loo® Number Two – Video
  • Popsicles
  • Is Going Off the Grid Too Much Work?
  • Edible Mandala with Made Flowers and Herbs – Video
  • the Humanure Handbook : Worth Reading
  • Internet ?
  • Chicken? Who are You Calling Chicken?
  • Rototiller Remodelled
  • Edible Flower Recipes : Candied Pansies, Herbal Butter & Floral Confetti – Video
  • Use Edible Flowers You Know
  • Quinoa Salad – Ten Recipes
  • Eat Local and Organic
  • Mud Girls Make Mud Walls
  • Knock Knock
  • Finlayson Arm Vancouver Island
  • Houses Made of Books
  • Loveage and Garlic Potatoes – Reducing Salt with Herbs – Video
  • Sweetest Treat
  • Zucchini Fritters Recipe
  • Swear on Garlic
  • Despacio – Slow
  • Learn Spanish during your Coffee Break or on the Bus …
  • Pizza and Chive & Cheese Twists Recipes – Video
  • Backyard Camping
  • Chair Planter
  • DIY Chemical Free Microwave Popcorn
  • Tire Tricks in Ecuador
  • Recycled Tires as Highway Railings
  • Off Grid Air Dryers – Back in Fashion
  • just a little GREEN
  • Happiness is a way of travel
  • Recycled Tail Light Cover
  • Make a Simple Natural Oil for Inflammation and Sore Muscles
  • got a boo boo?
  • Easy to Make Natural First Aid Antiseptic Ointment – Video
  • Quinoa Tortilla Recipe
  • Real Baked Apple Pie
  • Ocean Side House on Salt Spring Island
  • Physiotherapy, Pool Therapy and Recovery
  • After my Colon Burst: Bags and Diverticulitis
  • Zucchini Chips
  • DIY Toothpaste that’s good for the whole family
  • Watering Can from Recycled Materials
  • 3D Printer Will Change our World
  • How to Build a Simple Solar Oven
  • What does Sustainable mean?
  • Natural Homes and Tiny Houses
  • The Story of Stuff – Video
  • Nasturtium Flowers and Leaves are Edible
  • Tomatoes in Waiting
  • Salt Spring Island Windmill
  • TEDtalks – Jacque Fresco – Resource Based Economy – Video
  • DIY Stone Footprints
  • Eat Raw Garlic
  • Beautiful Container Home
  • Shipping Container Homes – Designs and Plans
  • A Homegrown Revolution – Video
  • Lady’s Mantle for Sleep
  • Small Tomatoes are a Cancer Fighter for Men
  • How to be Sustainable : Purging Stuff – Video
  • Bike Power for Flour
  • Turf House
  • How to Cook With Dandelions | P. Allen Smith Cooking Classics – Video
  • Living Roof
  • Garlic Soup Recipe
  • How much Sugar do you drink?
  • Sustainable Glow in the Dark Homes
  • The Urban Homestead – A City Farm, Sustainable Living & Resource Center
  • Recycled Wall
  • Round Cob Oven
  • Tire Planters
  • Round and Beautiful Cob Home
  • Rain Boot Planters
  • Upside Down Book Shelf
  • Book Planter
  • Roof over Patio
  • Necklace Planters
  • Trampoline Bed
  • Gardens for Small Spaces
  • How to Make Garlic Soup – Video
  • Real Underwater House – “The Iceberg House”
  • No Home is an Island or is it?
  • 24 Things you can Clean with Lemon
  • How to Make Lavender Cheesecake – Video
  • Cool Cob Home “Earth Gazer”
  • Cob and Stone House
  • Chicken Coop on Wheels
  • Watering System for Your Garden
  • Dad always said …
  • Woodstove Off Grid Options
  • Borage is an Edible Blue Flower
  • Eat Real Food, Support Local Farmers
  • Playground to Garden