Physiotherapy, Pool Therapy and Recovery

| August 2, 2012 | 5 Comments
pool therapy works

pool therapy works

Recovery and health issues I’ll be dealing with when we relocate include an incident in May of 2011; I had a motor scooter accident and was very badly injured. I shattered my right femur.

I had a second surgery in May 2012 where the rod and screws were replaced by a plate along the outside of my femur that will stay there forever. At this point I’m putting almost 50% weight-bearing on the leg. My goal is to be able to walk without a limp by the time we leave September 30.

I have been in rehabilitation to help me relearn to walk and pool therapy since June of 2011 when they brought me into the pool in a wheelchair. Pool therapy with Ryan, Jay, Jen and Rosie at Lifemark has been an instrumental part in my recovery - Pool Therapy is Great Rehabilitation is my story.

I have another major health issue I’ll be dealing with in Ecuador, that post can be found here.

Contact info for my therapists:

Ryan Sanderson, Kinesiologist, Lifemark   (my pool therapist)

Jay Purdom, Registered Physiotherapist & Clinic Director, Lifemark

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  1. Lisa R. W. says:

    “Walk in Water” That is beautiful girl. YOu have been through so much. Your strength is very uplifting. You’ll make it girl. God only lets happen to us, what we can handle. Thumbs up!!

  2. Noma Shackleford says:

    Respect to author, some fantastic information.

  3. Its great!!! In physiotherapy by water i have experienced aquatic physiotherapy which is also known as hydrotherapy performed in warm water. In this by using the water variety of treatment approaches such as manual therapy, facilitation and exercise are applied to address the therapeutic goal and it was very effective.

  4. Physiotherapy Pool says:

    Thanks for discussing a Physiotherapy Pool. I appreciate your work and this blog post.

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