Pineapple Tea is a Yummy Liver Cleanser

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liver cleanser pineapple teaHere’s a simple, natural, healthy drink that is a great liver cleanser. This tea is also a warm and nutritious coffee alternative that is caffeine free.

It has a sweet, appealing flavor that is delicious to drink. The bonus is that it’s good for you.

Renae, our host at the Community Hostel in Quito, Ecuador, was making this tea one morning when we woke up. She says it’s a great cure for hangovers.

Make it in a large batch and reheat it for a comforting drink anytime of the day or night.

It’s nice that this drink is so healthy and yummy and that the recipe is so simple to follow.


Ingredients:liver cleanser tea

  • pineapple rinds and core
  • cinnamon sticks
  • cloves
  • panela (raw sugar)
  • large pot of water


  • Place pineapple rinds, cinnamon sticks and cloves into a large pot of boiling water …
  • Boil 1.5 hours
  • Add the panela in the last 15 minutes; this is the most important step.

You can keep the liquid in the fridge and reheat it for up to a week.

It’s a tea that the whole family can enjoy. As you can see by the ingredients it’s a wonderful combination flavors that could appeal to everyone.

Serve and enjoy!

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